This is our team

Paulina Gutiérrez

Strategy advisor

Paulina oversees our international work. She is a human rights lawyer and strategy expert with extensive experience in coordinating and executing strategic projects at the international, regional and national level concerning research, litigation and advocacy.

Paulina is based in London, UK.

Claudio Ruiz


Claudio oversees our general operations, resources and drive our strategic mission and purpose. He is a public policy expert in law and policy, including internet regulation, data protection, intellectual property and cybersecurity.

Claudio is based in Santiago, Chile.

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Lidija Sabados

Head of Programs

Lidija is responsible for overall management of Critica’s programs and projects. As part of her role, she also oversees the community building side of the project supporting the Global Network of Social Justice and Digital Resilience, exploring ways to better engage, strengthening different actors, people, and organizations.

Lidija is based in Amman, Jordan.

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Verónica Mery

Legal Researcher

Verónica provides research and public policy development support for the team. She performs research and assists with the monitoring and tracking of legislative proposals and policy developments within Chile.  

Verónica is based in Lisbon, Portugal.